Dicember 16, 2003
  Subject: looking for friends
Hello friends. Haw are you my name is Zineb .Camfrom Marocco
scrivetimi . Zineb

Brescia - Scuola media "G.La Pira"
November 18, 2003
  Subject:  friends
Hello,I am Sahresh .
I come from  the Pakistan .I am in Italy to three years,I'd like any friends.
Bye  Bye
Sahresh Bibi
Brescia Sarezzo - Secondry school G.La Pira
November 18, 2003
  Subject: friends
Hello my name is Elona,i from Albania, i'm 14 iars old.I like English, my favourit colour is yellow,and my favourit sport is tennis.
Brescia/ Sarezzo - Secondry school
September 29, 2003
  Subject: looking for friends
Hello Toby
I am michelangelo.Now i am in Italy for studying,my English is not well but i hope
we can help by ourselves.
June 04, 2003 
Subject: a letter to the students
Dear students;
My name is ZhangYiShun.I am from china.I am a boy and study in a vocational school. I am is Grade one Class Internet Grade and I am a monitor. There are thirty-five students in my class--elven girls and twenty-four boys. I like Englishi very much,so I am good at English,and my Englishi teacher Miss Chen is very kind,she is a good teacher. So much for my introduce.
I want to know how many lessons do you have everyday.And when you begin class in the morning,when the class over in the afternoon.What will you do in the Summer holiday or in the weekends.
You answer my questions if you can, could you write to me ?
June 01, 2003
  Subject: looking for friends
I`m a girl in China Zhejiang Wenzhou.I would like to be your  friend with you,but my English is not very good.Let me introduce myself to you.
my English  name is Toby
I`m 18 years old
my hobbies are so many such as reading books,playing computer,listening to the music and so on.If you want to be my friend,please,reply to this letter
I hope we become very good friends!