The partnership supporting the Crocus system is confident in its development potentials at an international level. In order to reach this objective, the Crocus partners are trying to set up an international network of organisations interested in distance education, multimedia and intercultural education, and language teaching.
Parallel to this the partners are developing new contents and carrying out research to make the system transferable to the other countries involved in the mobility of pupils, so as to facilitate them with a process of teaching, linguistic and affective continuity.
For the telekiosk, we are thinking of developing specific sections for the various countries. For the sections dedicated to the pupils, we are planning to add more languages, both of the European Union and of third countries where migrants come from. The first two languages in which new materials are being formulated are Spanish and Roumanian.
Whoever is interested in Italy, in other European countries and Mediterranean countries in participating in the further developments of Crocus, can contact Cospe, sending messages to indicating:
School / Organisation / Body:
Web site (if any):
Will you please describe in 10 lines the reference organisation and the function you wish to be involved in (as users, part of the network, etc.).