Creating an integrated system of services for training/information and support of the children of immigrant communities, through joint planning with the communities and families. These services will be delivered through a satellite network based on the IPerSAT platform, with users in the Italian national territory, in Europe and in the immigrantsí countries of origin (where possible).
To set up an array of pilot services to encourage equal opportunities for success at school and in the society for ethnic minority students through:
- information tele-kiosk for school administrations and families of immigrant communities,
- certification of education credits,
- updating of the teachers and local workers on subjects relating to reception of immigrants,
- promoting the learning of Italian and the languages of the original countries,
- dissemination of intercultural contents and methodologies.
This year, over 120,000 students from ethnic minorities study in Italian schools, and this figure is destined to increase rapidly owing to two factors: the rising age limit for compulsory education and the growth of family reunion applications from immigrant or refugee families.
The major linguistic groups are the Arab speakers, the Albanian speakers, the Chinese speakers and the group that comes from former Yugoslavia.