The CROCUS project aims at developing a system which facilitates the social and school integration of migrant students, paying attention to provide them, their families, teachers, schools administrative staff with all the tools for a two-way communication in the language which they master most.
At present, the strategies adopted by schools, local authorities and associations, are often extremely expensive, slow and scarcely flexible. 
The materials already on the Internet and the multimedia tools are often uneven, cannot be adapted to the individual curricula, etc. The mission of CROCUS project is to standardise teaching modules which are complementary, flexible, and appropriate to the school curricula and to the school books, in a way functional to the European school systems, by using operating tools which can meet the variety of needs coming from the variety of users.
Once this system has been tested and tuned up, it could be transferred also to other contexts to provide fast and flexible services responding to the needs of communities which are often travelling and have difficulties in gaining access to services, in speaking languages and understanding the bureaucratic and administrative procedures.